For Sparky

One of Cinn's long time fans.
Sparky wants to see you getting some face, Cinn. 

69 as requested



Which way is your fave, Sjt?
And why?


By request

For you, Mbothways, who knows, maybe you'll be next.



New poll: Where would you like to come?

A new poll is up, one that represents the two that have been eliminated better, I think. Before you answer, remember that we play safe, so if wearing a condom affects your decision...

You can only give one answer this time.


A recent guest

Cinn waited nervously in the hotel room, the sun streaming in from the open balcony door, knowing that a stranger was going to come, probably more than once, soon.
She was in her shiny black dress, and each hand was bound to an ankle. The blindfold ensured she would not know what he looked like, at least at first, and heightened her arousal and her nervousness.
A knock at the door, and I let TJ in. She hadn't met this one before, but of course she didn't know that yet.

TJ and I shook hands, and as agreed upon when setting it up, he quickly got undressed and introduced himself to her, by using his mouth to bring her to climax. I took advantage of her moaning open mouth to have some fun of my own. She sucked me hard and absentmindedly at the same time while he sucked her clit and inserted two fingers deep into her soaked pussy.

After a while I undid the cuffs, and sat back to watch for a bit. His balls dangled in her blindfolded face as he continued to heat her pussy in 69 position. Her cries and moans and orgasmic odor filled the motel room.

Then, once her willingness had been well demonstrated, he slid his length into her. She couldn't see him, but she could certainly feel him.
I slipped my own cock into her mouth from time to time while he pounded her.

She met every thrust with one of her own, determined to get him off, and soon he did, for the first time with her, buried balls deep in her pussy. He retired to the bathroom, removing his filled condom
He returned and started to use his fingers on her while she sucked me.

I could tell she still wanted to be fucked more, so I slid into her and let him have a turn at her mouth, where she did her best to revive him.

She played with his balls as I slid in and out of her newly stretched pussy, enjoying the feeling of her slick walls pulsing around my cock.I could feel the path he had made in her, and the places he had left her tender.

I pulled out, seconds shy form a shattering orgasm, and left them to each other, soon they were 69ing again, he really seemed to enjoy this position.

I flipped her over, and he prepared to mount her from behind.

Now it was a free for all, and he and I took advantage of her mouth and pussy as we wanted, frequently changing positions, until it was time to let them explore each other one on one some more.

He buried himself in her pussy from behind, in a position guaranteeing maximum tightness.

I enjoyed the sensation of her mouth around my cock again.

By now we had been playing for a couple of hours, and everyone was into the spirit of the event.

After that....